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A gym and activity park that grows with your child!
You can use it from the very first weeks of the baby’s birth.
Shapes the child’s imagination, teaches how to distinguish between shapes and colors, and develops the senses of touch and vision.
A gym with many ways of use.
1) Babies can lie on the comfortable mat and exercise their limbs as well as play with the 5 hanging toys for their brain development.
2) Later, they can rest their tummy on the mat and play.
3) At later stage they learn to crawl, get up and fall on the soft gym mat.
4) Finally, it is also used when the child is sitting and can play with all the toys. As your baby grows and becomes active, the soft enclosure will surround them keeping them in a safe zone supporting them during play.
5) As long as it is fenced, it can also function as a pool with balls that the set has.
6) Later on, the gym can operate as a storage space for toys or a simple play mat in your child’s room.
Interactions strengthen your baby’s arms, legs, tummy and neck muscles.
European specifications EN71 and CE certification from 100% safe materials


Gym & Activity
Park Mouse

€̶6̶6̶  60.00

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