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cappucino bed

Convertible Crib

  ̶€̶3̶8̶5̶   €345.00

cappucino bed convert


 Cappuccino bed designed in modern lines can complement any room style that suit in each family type as they combine functionality and innovation. Made with sustainable hardwoods and non-toxic materials offering safety and comfort. Durable sloping legs that are placed under a strong frame and both large sides allow easy air circulation.
⦁ The base of the mattress has two levels, you can easily adjust the height of the bed, for the best safety for your baby and greater comfort for the mother.
⦁ It has a denture protection made of transparent non-toxic material at the top of the railings.
⦁ The side rails can be removed when your little one is ready to go at a preteen bed.
⦁ It fits a mattress 140cm X 70cm (not included)
⦁ Elegant, made of solid wood and high quality melamine 
⦁ Children’s furnitures are manufactured and packaged accordance to European standard EN 716-1: 2008 + A1-2013 & EN 716-2: 2008 + A1-2013 as well as non-toxic colors.
Dimensions: 145cm X 76cm X 97cm

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